Why Sell Books on Amazon in 2021

How to Add Links To Your Ebook's Back Matter

While thinking of alternative options of income stream, having an online business seems best for most of us. No doubt, Amazon is changing the lives of people enabling them to have high returns on investment in a very short time period. Here is what https://www.zonbase.com/blog/how-to-sell-books-on-amazon-in-2021/ offers you. You can opt to sell books online at Amazon to get high profits. 

The secret to get Profitable Books

When it comes to selling books online, it’s much important to get the right book to sell out at Amazon. Not every book is a selling book, so it’s better to know the secrets of having best-selling books. Here is how people who are selling books with high sale figures, are getting the books with high returns. 

Just go to the Amazon web page and go to the Best Sellers tab and get to Books. Amazon algorithm will display all the best-selling books. There might be a number of search pages as the Books category is meant to be most profitable and hold almost 50% of the sales of the total sales on Amazon in the USA. If you find any books, with smaller BSR (Best Sellers Rant), then this is the book that could change your life with high sales and profits. 

Get the book at the lowest possible rate

Once you are done with the selection of books to sell on Amazon, what you need to do is a cost analysis. Amazon FBA/FBM free calculator is the best option to know what would be your profit on each sale. For this, you need the cost of the book. It’s better to get to the author or publisher of the book instead of contacting the wholesaler or distributor of the book. The author and publisher will be providing you with the book at a low cost as compared to the wholesaler and distributor. 

Set your price Bit low to your competitors

To get more sales, what you need to do is to set your price a few cents below as compared to your competitors. This will bring you more sales and you would be having good sales. 

Decide Books of Best Selling Categories

Below are some categories which are having high sales already on Amazon. These are the categories that are under high search volume and high demand tag.  Not only demand and search volume is high in these ten categories, but the prices of books are also high. 

S.NoBest Selling Categories
2World History
4Fine Arts
5Auxiliary Science of History
6Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
7Bibliography, Library Science
8Language and Literature

This is all that you should know when deciding to sell books at Amazon. Books are the only main part of Amazon as Amazon was a, online book store first. This perception is still governing people in large marketplaces and other retail sellers are unable to compete Amazon in selling on retail basis.