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Enterprise App Development Using WaveMaker Low Code Platform

Wavemaker is a low-code platform that is scalable and built on open standards. It is simple to implement, integrate, and power essential enterprise platforms and application development.

Wavemaker is a low-code app development platform that your teams can embrace. It integrates smoothly with your current development technique. It runs anywhere you want it to, creates real-world readable code, and is fully open-standards-based, with no run-time dependencies. At the same time, you are performing the same functions as all other low-code platforms!

Benefits of Using Low-Code Wavemaker:

A variety of built-in web and mobile app templates. Including dashboards and login pages, as well as UI themes. It enables users to start working on the design of their application right away. For mobile apps, page animations such as slide, fade, flip, and pop can be added, as can touch gestures linked to actionable events.

·         Data may be kept offline on the client device for mobile apps, and device functionalities such as the camera, contacts, location, network, and others can be accessed and used.

·         Developers may adjust apps based on business logic or workflows, and they can update HTML markup and Javascript as well as develop extra Java services.

·         Changes to the user interface and widget attributes are possible without the need for code, and behavior and navigation may be configured depending on events or user actions.

·         User roles may be used to manage application behavior, including role definition, assignment, and access level controls on pages, widgets, and services.

Latest Edition of Wavemaker:

Try Wave maker Low code to get in touch with the newest version employing a new front-end technology stack. To give improved application speed, additional capabilities to improve developer productivity and collaboration, increased security and accessibility, and a built-in artifact repository for rapid development.

“Wavemaker 10 shows our commitment in helping IT teams in capitalizing on the bleeding edge of low-code innovation,” stated Wavemaker CEO Vijay Pullur. 

 “Enterprises stay competitive by efficiently merging cutting-edge technology with their application development and deployment environments.” 

Our open standards-based low-code platform enables corporate developers to take advantage of low-code performance while maintaining control over bespoke coding capability.

Final Verdict:

 Wavemaker is a visual app creation platform that allows you to create web and mobile apps in a fraction of the time and expense of traditional app development. Wavemaker is also a visual DevOps tool that automates app containerization and enables continuous delivery into any container run-time. 

To create flexible online and mobile apps, developers may use Angular 7. Try Wave maker Low code, the most robust and scalable web front-end framework. These programs feature improved performance and efficiency. 

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