Trendspotting: December 2022 | Hallam

Trendspotting: December 2022 | Hallam

We’re heading towards the end of the year – and what a turbulent one it’s been.

The hope for 2023 is stability and growth, but that’s only possible if we take the right steps towards it.

Our Strategy team have shared what marketing trends they’re expecting in the new year and how you can turn them into opportunities in 2023.

How to build a successful measurement plan for 2023

With the death of cookies looming, the most important part of your measurement plan for next year, without a doubt, has to be focusing on increasing your first-party data. In a time where privacy is becoming more valued, we need to change the metrics we’re measuring and how we’re measuring them. Google Analytics 4 is an adapted version of the current Google Analytics with the intention of preserving measurement in the face of privacy changes – we need to switch to GA4 technology and start using it for measurements in order to avoid any data loss. We’ll also discuss whether you’re measuring the right metrics – ones that reflect true value to your business – and how to account for the effects offline insights, such as phone calls and in-person interactions, on your business’ success.

Marketers, pay more attention to attention

We need to start factoring in how much time and attention people are paying to ads. The more time people spending viewing your ad, the stronger their brand recall is, which is essential for brand awareness. The first step to gaining attention is making sure your ads can actually be viewed by everyone, and beginning then to measure active attention metrics, rather than purely CPMs.

Ad spend projections for 2023 – which networks are on the up?

Advertising spend is projected to slow on the whole, but is likely to increase in connected TV more than any other channel. B2B is one of the few categories projected to grow in ad spend, so it’s important to continually review which channels you’re investing budget in. You’ll find a deeper analysis of ad spend predictions in the report.

Wavemaker: growth trends for 2023

We’ve chosen from the Wavemaker report what we think are the most important societal shifts affecting the way buyers behave and consume media for 2023. The trends we’ve highlighted include the growth of memes, the power of TV and increased anxiety after lockdown, and how we can harness these shifts to create opportunity.

Channel specific updates 

Google have published a document talking about the more ‘notable” ranking systems that Google have deployed over the years, which is useful for keeping up to date with which system is best to use.

Download the report below to learn about what trends could be affecting your marketing this December and beyond.

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