The best Wattson skins in Apex Legends

Few words describe Wattson better than “cute.”

Apex Legends’ most cheerful electrical engineer has always been far more peppy than you might expect the creator of a deadly ring that pushes fighters in a bloodsport ever closer together to be. But that’s just Wattson: happy, silly, French, cute.

Wattson’s cosmetics frequently play between her bubbly personality and the fact that she is also a genius who shoots people in her spare time. Why make some sort of terrifying skin for a character that will immediately drop into a game and say something like “you can’t Kilowatt… son”? It doesn’t make any sense. The best Wattson cosmetics in the game stand out for how well they suit her character and not just the theme of an event.

Here are the best Wattson skins in Apex.

The Warrior Empress

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Wattson’s skins all have to translate her somewhat bulky protective gear, as well as the Interception Pylon on her back. The Warrior Empress provided the blueprint for how those design elements could be reimagined.

The skin turns Wattson’s protective electrical clothing into armor and her rubberized hood into a helmet complete with a regal feather on top. But where this skin really shines is the detailing in the armor, from jewels and patterns inlaid in the helmet and breastplate all the way down to the pointy boots. It’s a warrior look for Wattson that doesn’t feel out of step with her personality, and it looks great to boot. The patterned red and black scarf, replacing the hood of Wattson’s default jacket, finishes the transformation perfectly.

Originally released during the Iron Crown collection event in season two, this skin has found its way back to the store a couple of times. Players wanting to unlock it will have to keep their eyes peeled for when it makes a return.

Haute Drop

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Want to look like a rich widow whose husband recently died under mysterious circumstances? Look no further.

Presenting the most adult-looking presentation of Wattson, the Haute Drop skin from the Fight Night collection event of season seven. The event gave several legends some more high-fashion cosmetics to match the glitz of Olympus, and Wattson came out dressed to the nines for the party. Her hooded coat is given a serious makeover with puffy, patterned sleeves that match the interlocking fields of Olympus, while the entire outfit is done in silver, black, and teal.

The drama of the look is all in the head, however, with a teal beret perched on top of silver-white hair and dark eye shadow. It’s an entirely different look for Wattson, on the whole, but one that looks great running through the cityscapes and picturesque communities of everyone’s favorite floating city.

Another skin from an older collection event, Haute Drop appears in the store from time to time these days, where players can unlock it.

Thunder Kitty

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

I mean, what’s not to like?

Given Wattson’s colorful personality, choosing her as a legend to pair with Crypto’s Hype Beast skin for the third-anniversary event just made sense. Well, that and whatever Wattson and Crypto have going on in the lore.

This skin is all Wattson’s however, from the cat ear headphones all the way down to the lightning bolt socks. She matches Crypto and Mirage’s respective “coat with no shirt underneath” looks with a crop top and shorts, and has plenty of small nods to the cat theme of the skin, with the various triangles used as designs in the skin becoming ears for the packs on her legs. This is also the least covered Wattson has ever been in the skin, so it’s interesting to note the exact extent of the electrical scarring on her left side. Normally, only the scar on her face is visible, but the Thunder Kitty skin reveals it extends onto her stomach and down her left leg as well.

All in all, it’s just a very colorful, fun skin. It might be a little difficult to come by for players still hoping to unlock it, given the short amount of time that’s passed since the anniversary event ended. Several of the second-anniversary skins released during season eight recently reappeared in the store for February’s Lunar New Year Sale, however, so there’s still hope that Thunder Kitty might be available for sale again at some point.

Wired for Speed

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Race car driver Wattson. That’s the skin.

Wired for Speed isn’t the most complex skin for Wattson ever released, but the simplicity of the concept means it doesn’t really need a ton of complicated bells and whistles. Wattson already wears a bodysuit in her default skin. What if they made that look more like an old-school racing suit? The vintage racing helmet and goggles complete the look, while the numbering on her suit and conspicuous Rampart logo tie it all together. 

Released during the Aftermarket collection event, Wired for Speed is perhaps the skin most suited to the vehicle theme. Perhaps unintentionally, the blue, red, and white color combination, as well as the offset racing stripe and throwback vibe of the skin, conjures images of Herbie, the self-driving ‘60s Volkswagen Beetle. And if I could picture Wattson driving any race car in the world, it would probably be a vintage Beetle.

Another skin from an old collection event, Wired for Speed is a skin that has reappeared in the store for players to unlock and will most likely return for a regular store rotation.

Deep Current

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Deep Current imagines Wattson as a pirate—and it’s adorable.

What’s striking about this skin is how simple it really is. Wattson’s jacket gets a big pirate collar, her hair is grown out a bit more, and her normal protective gear gets a more leathery, weathered look to it. The colors are much more muted than Wattson’s normal skins, and the details are fairly simple. Really, it’s all about the eye patch here. Wattson is wearing an eye patch and it’s great.

Where the eye patch and the overall look of the skin are probably played to a somewhat scarier effect on most legends, for Wattson, it just adds to the personality. You can practically hear her finding an eye patch at a costume shop and making a joke about it before buying it and wearing it for the rest of the week for no reason. 

Part of the Raiders collection event, Deep Current is not currently available for players to unlock but may return to the store in the future.