The Best Investment Banks In Kansas City

Yesterday an Investment Banker from JP Morgan Wall Street in New York City asked me, If I knew who was the top Investment Banks in the Kansas City area? I had to stop myself and ask the same question. The simple truth is? I did not know. So I figured it would be good idea to research the question and find out. Thinking about this in depth? I honestly should know a few of these professionals in case I am ever looking for a specific opportunity, Deal Flow, or advisory referrals. So I started calling around about who’s who? And these are the recommendations that made sense.

Interestingly if I was in New York City we would normally be sharing the large Wall Street Investment Banks as my choices. I have several relationships with many of these Investment Bankers but none are in Kansas City. Normally I would list the top Investment Banks for this Article. Banks like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America Securities, Morgan Stanley and many more. However since I am not in New York City I must look at the smaller Investment Banks in Kansas City. These are going to be my short list of choices for the short term. Or at least until I am able to meet more of our local Investment Banking Professionals in Kansas City.

Its true the Kansas City area only has a few known local Investment Banks within our community. The first Investment Bank I would like to recommend is our most well known. Interestingly, I have had the privilege of meeting it’s Founder many years ago. It’s founder Mr. G. Kenneth Baum and His family are known supporters of our gorgeous Gallery Nelson Atkins Museum of Art. And the families philanthropy work is known and generous as well. Mr. Baum’s Son is now in Command of the Family Firm and has been leading the firm to a exciting future.

George. K. Baum & Co.

George K. Baum & Co Websiter

Frontier Investment Bank

The second in line is Frontier Investment Bank and for all intensive purposes according to my Business Attorney this small boutique Bank is top notch and the list of Transactions completed long. When experience, leadership, and market research count? Im very positive that if you need your business sold at fair and favorable terms. This is most likely a Investment Bank that can do that for you and help with a long list of Advisory services. I will be reaching out to ask the Lead Sr. Executive and Attorney Mr. Patrick J. Trysla, “How he has built his remarkable team.”

This list is obviously going to be very short. However within a month or just inside a few weeks? I will be able to expand this short List. Giving a more detailed look at each Investment Bank, listing more Banks that have trust in this space, and what makes them special? As with anything. Highly specialized industry leaders, professionals, financial services and capabilities are the deciding factors who becomes the most influential and trusted Organization within any industry. Please Stay tuned as I meet these professionals and begin listing what makes their firms the choice for you.

What is Kansas City’s Best Investment Bank?

According to Investment Group Partner and Notable Kansas City Entrepreneur Kc’s Best Investment Bank is G.K Baum & Co. Sharp chose this on the merits in light of him personally knowing and trusted this Banks Founder. Legendary Financier George Kenneth Baum.

Thank you for reading, and I just need to share this thought. This list will not include local Business Brokers. This listing will be my personal picks of who I trust as a Partner. Since I am on a World Class team of Investment Professionals.
Stay tuned. JS.