Retirement Homes and Old Age Homes – A Comparison


“After a lifetime of working, raising families, and contributing to the success of this Nation in countless other ways, senior citizens deserve to retire with dignity.”

  – Charlie Gonzalez

This quote is so well defined for senior citizens. The love and care they have provided us with, sacrificing all their life, is beyond comparison. In return, most of them do not get the best.

An increase in the number of nuclear families, the youth settling abroad for better jobs and liabilities, and family problems are the main reasons why the current generation cannot take time to look after their parents all by themselves. This is the reason why the youth seek retirement homes in Kerala or old age homes that serve the best care to their parents.

Are Retirement Homes and Old Age Homes Different?


There is a misconception among the majority that retirement homes are the same as old age homes, but actually, they are not.

Although old age homes take care of economically disabled senior citizens, who are even sometimes forced to stay there, the quality of life is much on the inferior side. Retirement homes are well-planned organisations built to serve the needs of Senior Citizens while giving them an exceptional quality of life. In retirement homes, there is no restriction or no work imposed on the senior citizen. They can live independently and continue everyday living with outstanding facilities like landscaped ground, community halls, recreation halls, Wellness Centres, 24*7 medical facilities, and more.

What To Choose- Retirement Homes or Old-Age Homes?

Nowadays, economically stable senior citizens choose to remain in retirement homes for a better lifestyle. Here’s a blessing for the senior citizens in The land of God, Kerala- Travancore Foundation. This old age home in Kerala, or retirement home in Kerala, is a benevolent trust and a non-profit organisation, which is regarded as the most authentic and professionally controlled senior citizen service provider. Commemorate the after-retirement life of the senior citizens by keeping them in luxury old age homes in Kerala.

Experience the best healthcare systems, lavishing meals prepared by professional chefs, proper housekeeping, taking care of the daily amusements for the loved ones, and high-security techniques in these kinds of old age homes in Kerala or retirement homes in Kerala.

Who Should Choose Retirement Homes?

Retirement homes in Kerala are ideal for senior citizens looking for an independent and high-quality lifestyle amidst their kind of people. Each of them can customise their rooms- their surroundings, interiors and furniture. The environment has the essence of luxury, and this vibe is the same with the old age home in Kerala in terms of health care and recreation.

The primary mission and vision of these old age homes in Keralaretirement homes in Kerala, and luxury old age homes in Kerala are to come up with the finest quality care for seniors through a committed team, as well as focus on their mental health by improving spiritual and human values among them. 

Senior citizens are prone to a lot of diseases, so they must be kept under a lot of care and supervision. In a retirement home, daily checkups are a must. Many on-duty doctors are present on the premises 24*7. Personal care, attention to every test detail, physiotherapy, bathing, medicated dressing, feeding, and grooming are all allotted. Apart from these, they also care for housekeeping so that any form of infection is miles away.

In Retirement old age homes in Kerala, the menu is customised as per the need of an individual, which includes the taste and, of course, the health benefits. The luxury old age homes in Kerala offer professional dietitians and cooks who take care of a balanced diet as well as hygiene. 

There is a saying that loneliness kills a person slowly. As the seniors are far away from their homes and loved ones, they sometimes feel depressed, so to curb depression, retirement homes offer a ton of amusing options like gyms, clubhouses, libraries, and a community hall. 

As a whole, the idea of retirement homes is a boon to a family. It is impossible for people who are working daily and have to take care of both their children and their ailing parents. Keeping senior citizens under the supervision and a good environment where they feel loved and protected is very necessary.