PUBG Mobile Neon Genesis Evangelion Event: How To Unlock All Cosmetics

If Call of Duty’s Godzilla and King Kong event is any indication, the newest trend in the battle royale space is to have giant recognizable scary things bumming around the map while you try to be the last person standing. PUBG Mobile is happy to jump on the bandwagon and has joined forces with the popular anime, Neon Genesis Evangelion.

The Evangelion content comes alongside PUBG Mobile’s 2.0 update that released last month (which also includes the new map, Livik) and will be available until June 19. To find the Evangelion content, the easiest thing to do is to swipe the banner of events in the top right corner of the start menu, and tap the Evangelion Discovery one. It takes you to the available unlocks if you have the time and/or money to commit to earning them.

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Currency And Unlocks

To acquire the various Evangelion-themed unlocks you must earn Exploration Points. The better you do in matches, the more Exploration Points you receive. Doing well is measured by how long you survive, how many eliminations you get, and how much damage you deal, alongside some other unspecified factors. You also get extra points by playing the Core Circle mode, so if you want to earn the unlocks, it’s best to stick to that mode. You can earn up to 130 Exploration Points a day by playing matches.

As you earn Exploration Points you move through the tier of unlocks. You can also purchase Exploration Points using the UC currency earned or purchased with money outright if you are impatient.

Parachutes, weapons, armor, backpacks, and a special buddy all themed around Neon Genesis Evangelion are all available to unlock, but arguably the most interesting unlocks are the Plugsuits, as they are called in the anime, which essentially let you play as Shinji, Rei, Asuka, and Kaworu.

Purchase the microtransaction, Shijni!
Purchase the microtransaction, Shijni!

During the event, you can obtain these cosmetic items through special “Evangelion” crates. Items will randomly be acquired through these crates, which means you may need to purchase or earn several crates to collect them all. One crate costs 90 UC, which is about $1.50 USD. Additionally, the ongoing EVA Discovery event allows you to play matches in Classic Mode or the new EVA-themed Ranked mode to gain Exploration Progress. This Progress can be exchanged for limited-time EVA-themed rewards.

Core Circle Mode

From the unlocks screen, you can press the ‘Battle’ button in the bottom right corner. This will zip you to the new Core Circle mode, which you may need to download. Don’t worry, it’s not too big. The Core Circle mode looks and plays a little different from the standard modes.

In Core Circle, you begin in a special shrunken Blue Zone. As you drop in, you can actually see the 6th Angel wreaking havoc on the map. It’s hard to miss. Once on the ground, the map will point you to the spawn point of the EVA-01 if you want to meet it, or you can play normally and catch a glimpse of the fearsome mech as it sprints across the landscape.

Playing Core Circle mode is the fastest way to get the Evangelion content.
Playing Core Circle mode is the fastest way to get the Evangelion content.

You aren’t actually fighting the Angel or the EVA (which goes berserk and becomes uncontrollable on occasion in the anime) yourself. Instead, their war is just a colorful decoration on the battlefield on your way to acquire chicken dinners and unlock Evangelion content. Comparing this to the anime, it actually makes some sense. The humanity-saving war between the Angels and EVA units is something terrifying and dangerous that happens in the background of an otherwise normal post-apocalyptic existence. All the citizens of Tokyo-3 can do while this war rages is stay out of the way.

Along with the EVA unit fighting the Angel, there are also fortresses on the map that will attack the Angel. The Angel will fire back, however, and level those fortresses, but you can collect the spoils of the destruction.

You can also track down various NERV buildings that are full of loot while exploring. NERV is the organization in the anime founded to develop the EVA units and combat the destructive Angels. These buildings look a bit like the NERV buildings in the anime, and also have barriers you can raise to fend off attackers, which is a nice touch.

Along with the chaos happening between the Angel, the EVA unit, and the fortresses, there are also more supply crates on the map in the Co, and there is a period near the beginning of the match when players can respawn with their found gear.

The event is currently live and will remain live until June 19.

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