Our Favorite Social Media Platforms

Our Favorite Social Media Platforms

Simon: Instagram

Hardly surprising as a millennial, but Instagram is my favorite social media platform. I mean it, I have an account for just about every interest – a photo blog for my beer obsession and another for my hypebeast tendencies. I even have one for my cats. I do have a personal, but it probably gets the least amount of attention from me.

Instagram is also a great place to play in the business realm. Their new shop feature has reduced the distance between consumer and product, and being a Facebook property their targeted ads are top notch. It’s difficult to think of a business that wouldn’t benefit from creating an Instagram page. Being a photo gallery, there’s no better way (aside from a Roundpeg-built website, of course) to showcase your product photography.

Megan: Instagram

I’m with Simon on this one! I love that I can fill my feed with exactly what I want to see; a healthy dose of inspiring mental health accounts, celebrities, local restaurants, fashion inspiration, and friends and family – and the best part, I can avoid any negative talk or political rants that I don’t want cluttering my feed. In addition, it can be a one-sided relationship – I can follow along with Reese Witherspoon’s life, and she doesn’t necessarily have to return the favor. 

Instagram is also the platform of choice for one of the group chats that I’m in. As we have a friend in Spain that’s a part of this group, his cell phone and its texting abilities don’t always play nice with the rest of the groups’ U.S.-based cell service. Our days-long back-and-forth has found its way to Instagram, where we can share funny, supportive, and interesting posts with each other, and then continue to conversation and banter without any international cell service interruptions. 

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