Life Insurance Plans to Keep Stress Under Control and Seize the Day

The new year may have arrived, but 2021 is still fighting and enduring the COVID-19 war. 2020, the year of new normals, introduced many unforeseen changes and unfortunate incidences for everybody. With millions of people losing their lives and their jobs to this nasty virus, the fear of uncertainty looms heavily over people across the country.

Unsurprisingly, 73% of Indians reported financial insecurity as the cause of seeking professional help for mental health. But as they say, your best is in your hands. Even though experiencing stress is an inevitable part of your life, there are ways to avoid its intensity and the corresponding effect on your mental health.

Are you curious about learning ways to take matters into your hands for creating a better tomorrow for your family? We walk you through some stress-alleviating mantras below.

Cushion Your Finances to Deal With Mishaps 

Accidents and illnesses don’t come invited; it takes one careless mistake or malignant tumour to lose a precious life. The loss aggravates when the deceased’s loved ones are suddenly searching for means to fend for themselves.

Family protection should trump everything else. And this is what HDFC Life Click 2 Protect Life has to offer. In the Life & CI Rebalance option, the Basic Sum Assured (SA) is split between Life Cover SA (80%) & Critical Illness (CI) SA (20%). With every policy anniversary, the CI SA increases with a corresponding decrease in the Life Cover SA.

On account of a critical diagnosis, the plan disburses the CI SA and waives off the future premiums payable. Alternatively, the Return of Premium Option add-on requires the payment of an additional premium over the base and returns 100% of the total premiums as a lump sum on maturity. This policy also covers the Death Benefit, which includes the lumpsum reimbursement of the amount to the assigned nominee.

Support Your Family’s Lifestyle 

While no money can compensate for the loss of a loved one, it’s necessary to safeguard the interests of those left behind. Take, for example, you as the sole breadwinner for your family. When life throws its unforeseen challenges at you, there is nothing your dependents can do but feel helpless and stressed at that very moment.

With HDFC Life Click 2 Protect Life’s Life Protect Option, it’s time to wave goodbye to this added stress. On account of your unfortunate demise, your assigned nominee can claim the lump sum amount under the Death Benefit. Opting for the Accidental Death Benefit add-on means that an additional 100% of the Basic SA will be payable to the nominee on account of your accidental death during the policy term.

Adjust Your Policy to Suit Life’s Changes

To insulate yours and your family’s best interests, it’s wise to choose a policy like Click 2 Protect Life’s Income Plus. This policy provides a life cover for the chosen policy term (fixed or whole life). The policy covers the Death Benefit, where the assigned nominee gets the lump sum amount. On the flip side, if you survive during the policy term and have regularly paid all premiums, an income equal to 0.1% of the Basic SA is payable to you at the end of every month.

Avoiding Stress Is Possible and Easy. Take the Right Step Today!

The past is not in your hands. But your future to a certain extent is. While nothing can stop the inevitable forces taking their course, you can surely take precautions today and roll with the punches. These policies offer the freedom to switch the premium payment frequency and term as per your discretion, having you take matters into your hands (literally).

With offerings like HDFC Life Click 2 Protect Life readily available at your service, you can be prepared for situations that truly matter and cut ties with stress for good.