Import your WhatsApp chat history to Telegram with this new feature

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As new users are hopping on to messaging services to try the variations in the technology services, the freeware cloud-based instant messaging software and application service Telegram has launched a new feature that can import user`s chat history from WhatsApp.According to The Verge, users won`t lose their chat history while switching on to the new platform.

On iOS, the component showed up with version 7.4, released on Thursday (local time) and spotted by 9to5Mac.Telegram has hence reported that the new feature is likewise accessible for Android. Close by WhatsApp, conversations from Line and KakaoTalk can likewise be imported, as indicated by Telegram`s iOS changelog.Whereas, on iOS users can bring chats from WhatsApp into the most recent version (7.4.1) of Telegram and proceed with the conversation, in so far as each WhatsApp user has a Telegram account, reported The Verge.

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The expansion of the element comes as Telegram is detailing tremendous expansions in user numbers, with its service presently gloating more than 500 million dynamic clients around the world. The reason has all the earmarks of being WhatsApp`s new protection strategy, which incited security concerns about the Facebook-possessed informing application (WhatsApp later deferred the presentation of the new policy, and demands it won`t influence the security of buyer conversations or profile information).

For users escaping from WhatsApp to Telegram, having the option to take their talk narratives with them implies one less obstruction to exchanging.The import cycle chips away at a chat-by-chat premise yet seem to work for both individual and group chats, in any event with WhatsApp. To import a conversation from Facebook`s messenger on iOS, open the pertinent discussion, and tap the group or contact name from the top point of the chat to open its information screen.

From that point, the `Export Chat` alternative opens the iOS Share Sheet, where users will see the choice to choose Telegram. At that point, simply select a Telegram chat to import the messages.On Android, Telegram noticed that the WhatsApp `Export Chat` choice can be found by tapping the three-spot button on the upper right of a visit, and afterward choosing `More`.As per The Verge, any messages brought into talks have a little `Imported` mark on them noticing when they were initially sent, and when they were brought into

Telegram, and messages are noticeable to all chat members. However, users have the choice of bringing in WhatsApp chat accounts with or without their pictures. Imported messages show up in the request wherein they are imported, instead of in the request they were initially sent.