How to Utilise TikTok for Your B2B Business in 2023

How to Utilise TikTok for Your B2B Business in 2023

Marketing techniques that appeal to an audience’s emotions are significantly more successful than those that adopt a rational approach, according to recent research from LinkedIn’s B2B Institute. But, of course, both perspectives are significant.

TikTok is a beneficial channel to add to your sales funnel since people are more inclined to buy from a brand they recognise and connect to.

Since we have introduced the guidance to TikTok and B2B marketing in our former blog, today, we will give an insight into how to utilise TikTok for B2B business in 2023. 

1) Show your fun side

TikTok doesn’t necessarily have to keep the formal and professional vibe that B2B firms frequently do. The platform is, after all, a place for people to have fun and get amused. A Semrush investigation discovered that humour-related videos on TikTok are the most popular and that the top emotion elicited by these films is happiness.

Therefore, don’t be afraid to show off your playful side, even if it means significantly changing your brand voice if you want to engage with your audience on TikTok. To correspond with the sort of audience on each social platform, it is frequently essential to modify your brand voice to fit the platform. Otherwise, you risk losing your audience as they switch to more entertaining content.

2) Showcase your products 

TikTok is 1.7x more likely than other platforms to be utilised as a tool for product discovery. And users on the platform are 1.5x more likely to buy anything shortly after discovering it on the site.

The fact that B2B buyers are still consumers must be considered, even though these statistics may apply to all consumers. So, the same criteria apply even in the case of B2B marketing on TikTok. Use the platform’s product discovery feature to your advantage by showcasing demo videos informing viewers about your product.

3) Share TikTok-style valuable tips and fun facts

84% of users utilise it as a source to discover or learn something new. This explains why so many TikTok videos offer tips, knowledge, funny facts, and hacks for various businesses. Similarly, you may utilise TikTok to highlight your industry knowledge and establish authority by educating and entertaining your audience.

Additionally, film your advice or interesting fact videos in the TikTok-specific style. Speaking directly to the camera, using text overlay, and sometimes even a voiceover may be necessary. The majority of well-liked TikTok videos talk now to the camera, according to the Semrush analysis above.

4) Communicate using your products 

You are suggested to showcase your products from your consumer’s angle instead and demonstrate how it fits into their everyday life, rather than frequently promoting your goods via commercial advertisements. Since TikTok is supposed to be a platform that builds connections between businesses and their customers, the focus would be your audiences instead of your products.

Moreover, creating this customer story video could significantly impact people making their decisions. For example, 47% of individuals use testimonial videos to understand better how a product or service operates. In addition, 39% of respondents cite these videos as evidence of how the product or service can affect their life. Therefore, sharing TikTok videos of customers using your products is a great way to demonstrate the value of your goods.

5) Announce new products/ feature updates

You have the ideal instrument to broadcast exciting news, such as new product releases and feature updates, thanks to TikTok’s short-form films. For example, you might publish a brief video and some exciting music to get visitors interested in the new feature or product.

You don’t even need to make a full-fledged promotional video only to upload it on TikTok because the platform is more informal. Instead, you may combine video recordings of the tool or function being used and add some music, voiceovers, and text overlay using the built-in TikTok features.

6) Influencer marketing 

By combining it with sponsored promotion, your B2B influencer marketing could go even further. Spark ads on TikTok are linked to and presented from an organic account. This enables companies to increase user engagement and draw in users with greater intent. B2 B brands on TikTok can also use this capability to increase the effectiveness of their influencer content.

Having influential accounts give their honest opinions about your product would accomplish this. You can use this ad style to promote those TikTok videos to a larger audience. Even if you can utilise this structure for branded content, creator content has a much more significant impact due to its authenticity.

In general, TikTok has the potential to be an effective marketing tool for B2B businesses when appropriately used. B2B companies like Shopify and Semrush are utilising TikTok to communicate with their audience and raise brand awareness. So don’t hesitate to start creating your first TikTok content!

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