How To Create Inspiring Personalized Emails

How To Create Inspiring Personalized Emails

In an ever-changing world where every timing matters, personalizing emails at the time they’re sent puts relevancy at risk. Litmus Personalize empowers marketers to automate and scale the creation of truly personalized individual email experiences that boost customer loyalty and drive revenue.

Creating a personalized email experience has never been more important, as 76% of buyers expect more personalized attention from marketers to develop an intimate relationship with a brand.

At Litmus Live 2022, we discussed 23 ways in which you can personalize your emails. Read on to see a selection of ways to personalize and watch the webinar to discover all 23.

Countdown timers

Countdown timer

When every moment matters, use countdown timers to:

  • Create urgency to start or end an event
  • Launch a new collection or offer
  • Show personalized time-based content (e.g. days until birthday/time until flight)
  • Remind subscribers of delivery deadlines for holidays.

Weather forecasts

Weather forecasts

Personalized weather forecasts will make your emails resonate—rain or shine—with:

  • Local weather forecasts based on the subscriber’s location
  • Weather at a holiday destination
  • Event location weather

Social signals

Social signals

By including social signals in email you can share the love from your customers with:

  • Gamification
  • Real-time interest indicators
  • Urgency & popularity messaging

Votes and polls

Votes and polls

Using voting and polls in email is a great way to encourage customers to engage with your brand and show them that you are listening to their opinions. You can do this by:

  • Using voting or polling for gamification
  • Collecting real-time interest
  • Asking people to vote to boost engagement
  • Create follow-up emails based on how customers voted

Personalized images

Personalized Image

Creating personalized images is a quick and easy way to personalize emails for your subscribers by:

  • Using CRM data to pull through customer’s name
  • Personalizing images using customer’s location
  • Sending customers birthday emails using their name and birthday

Discover the rest

Want more examples? Watch our webinar all about Litmus Personalize and discover how personalization can inspire you to create a truly personalized email experience for your subscribers.

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