How restaurants can adapt to the new normality

Restaurants reopening Coronavirus lockdown future business

The mode of operations has changed since the pandemic started. People can no longer move closer to one another in public places, social distancing has taken over. Physical touch is highly discouraged as everyone keeps to themselves for fear of coronavirus. Since restaurants are major businesses in society, here is how they can adopt to the new normality:

Involve take-out and delivery options in their services

Since the new normality demands that people stay away from one another as much as possible, restaurants should also provide take-out and delivery options for their customers. People do not have to sit in to eat their meals. They can buy foods and take them away. Restaurants can also digitalize their services. Customers should be able to order food online and get it delivered to them wherever they are.

Keep to the rules of social distancing

The time where restaurants are crowded is over. One prominent rule of the new normality is social distancing. At least, each of the customers should stay six feet apart. Restaurants should look for ways they can expand their spaces so that they can adhere to the rule of social distancing. Also, other rules such as the washing of hands, using face masks, using sanitizers, etc should be adhered to. For instance, restaurants can provide wash hand basins and sanitizers at the entrance and ensure both staff and customers use face masks.

Use automation

Some modern restaurants have started using culinary robotics to attend to their customers. These robotics take orders and serve the customers. With the use of artificial intelligence, they have been programmed to work smoothly and efficiently. Also, a lot of tasks that were done by humans in restaurants can be automated. There can be automated coffee dispensers instead of using the manual ones someone needs to operate. This way, restaurants can drastically reduce the risks of their customers or staff contracting the virus.

Provide semi-private dining rooms

Since social distancing has to be adhered to, restaurants can make something creative out of it by providing beautiful and relaxing semi-private dining rooms. Those in the rooms will be able to see their counterparts in other rooms but not physically close enough with them. Besides serving as a buffer against the virus, semi-private dining rooms can also be special places for couples who want to rekindle their romance and families who want to celebrate one another. This could require getting more furniture from companies like Restaurant Furniture and extra expenses. You can cover up for the extra expenses by reading finance services reviews and knowing what finance options you can opt for.

Support people cooking at home

Another way restaurants can adapt to the new normal is to support people cooking at home. Restaurants can provide home chefs with ingredients needed to cook these delicacies. They can also share their meal recipes kit with home chefs. These services can be subscription-based. Online cooking classes can be organized for people who cannot cook.

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