How Andrea Said Goodbye to Facebook Ads and Sold Out Her k Coaching Program

How Andrea Said Goodbye to Facebook Ads and Sold Out Her $4k Coaching Program

Ever had an “oh crap” moment in your business?

That’s what happened when Facebook shut down Andrea Lowell’s ads account without warning. Or explanation.

(They can do this at any time, by the way. In the last few years, the Facebook mafia has “disappeared” ad accounts at an alarming rate.)

Suddenly, her most valuable channel for new coaching clients was stolen from her.

She needed a new strategy for attracting her people—fast.

That’s where we came in.

Instead of paying Facebook to put Andrea in front of her best-fit customers, we came up with a plan that allowed her to get in front of them for free with a lead-gen channel she actually OWNS.

How? By simply borrowing other people’s audiences.

The results were wild. Within a few months, she had to stop accepting new clients. She’d managed to get:

  • 10 new clients
  • $4,500 each for an 8-week program
  • For a total of $45,000

So…want to see exactly what I mean by “borrowing other people’s audiences”?

Then you need to check out my interview with Andrea.

We broke down every step she took so you can see how to use this simple (yet powerful) client generation strategy in your business.

Let’s dive in:

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How Andrea Sold Out Her Coaching Program Without Using Ads or Launch Strategies

Before we dig into Andrea’s campaign, let’s understand how her business actually works.

Her Company: Andrea sells life coaching via

Her Products: She sells a coaching program and course called The I Am Everything Project that features a combination of individual and group coaching.

Pricing: $4,447 for 8 weeks of individual coaching + course material, along with ongoing access to group calls.

To sell out a coaching program like this, most people would try one of two things:

  • Option A: Work for months on a big product launch with tons of emails, bonuses, scarcity…the whole nine yards.
  • Option B: Make a paid ads funnel on Facebook/Instagram/YouTube and pray you can get it ROI positive before your cash runs out.

Andrea went the Option B route…until the Facebook and Instagram mafia cut her ads off.

This was AFTER she had spent tens of thousands of dollars buying ads from them.

Yup, that’s the danger of building your business on someone else’s platform.

You are at their mercy at all times.

All it takes is one algorithm change, one minor rules violation, or one random decision to ban you and you’re screwed.

So what did Andrea do?

“When I saw the way that you do things with partnerships, it really appealed to me because I was so sick and tired of being frustrated with Facebook stopping my abilities to make ads and not really giving me a reason,” she said.

We coached Andrea through setting up a partnership marketing system that allowed her to get in front of other people’s audiences—without paying a dime.

She did it with two simple partnership types:

  1. Podcast interviews
  2. Instagram Lives

From six podcast / Instagram Live interviews alone, she was able to bring in:

  • 10 new clients
  • At $4,500 each
  • For a total of $45k in sales


Let’s take a closer look at how she did it.

How Andrea Gets High-Paying Clients from Podcasts and Instagram Live Interviews

First, Andrea had to identify podcasts and Instagram personalities who would actually want to interview her.

We helped her create a list of 50 potential partners and she started reaching out to the ones she’d previously interacted with on social media (even in small ways).

Sometimes, the only connection she had was liking the partner’s Instagram post. But that’s often all it takes to get your foot in the door.

She quickly piled up interviews on podcasts like Root Awakening, Vegan Life Coach, Matrix Assassins, and more.

Sidenote: If you want to know how she pitched these partners, check out the method I shared in this post. Andrea said she followed it to a T.

Here’s the best part…

Instead of going on these shows and trying to force in ways to talk about her product and “sell” the audience…she simply focused on teaching them.

“My intention on these is truly to teach their audience,” she said. “People are so sick of all the pitches, pitches, pitches. If I can just be authentically in my purpose, which is helping people get to the next level of their lives, they’re going to be attracted to me.”

Obviously, this is the approach most coaches and course creators would love to take—no selling, just teaching! But does it actually work?

For Andrea, yes…as long as she does two very important things:

  1. Direct listeners to a specific lead magnet at the end of the interview.
  2. Make sure the partner includes links to her lead magnet in the show notes.

Andrea’s #1 priority is getting leads in the door who are already interested in buying from her.

So instead of offering a lead magnet that leads to a long followup sequence, she typically offers a free Self-Discovery Call.

When listeners click the link in the show notes, it leads them to a page that makes it easy for them to book a call:

The page is loaded with social proof underneath the scheduler so people know she is legit:

Pro Tip: Listen to those three podcast interviews I mentioned earlier so you can hear exactly how Andrea gets listeners to take action and book a call:

This is a seriously simple (yet powerful) strategy that my team can personally help you implement.

As Andrea put it:

“I could not have done this without Growth University at all…I don’t have to worry about paying for ads, or ads failing, and doing all that horrific Facebook stuff, so I’m so grateful.”

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