Best Crypto Presales Launching in 2022

The remarkable growth in cryptocurrency’s popularity over the past few years has provided a platform for countless exciting projects to launch. Many of these projects make use of a presale phase, designed to raise capital and boost awareness – whilst providing investors with an opportunity to purchase tokens at a discount.

This guide will take an in-depth look at the best crypto presale to invest in, reviewing ten upcoming presales with huge potential before highlighting some of the key factors to keep in mind before investing.

Best Crypto Presales for 2022 – Full List

Finding the best cryptocurrency presales can be tricky, especially given the abundance of new coins within the market. However, through extensive research and analysis, we’ve narrowed down the selection to our top 10 presale crypto projects – all of which are listed below: 

  1. Say Network (SAY) – Overall Best Crypto Presale to Invest In
  2. LunaOne (XLN) – Cryptocurrency Presale Project Within the Metaverse Niche
  3. Panda Elon (PELON) – ‘Meme Coin’ Presale with Huge Price Potential
  4. Bonuz (BONUZ) – Exciting Social Media Presale Crypto Platform
  5. EstateX (ESX) – Best Crypto Presale to Invest In for Fractional Real Estate
  6. TechDoge (TECHDOGE) – New Crypto Presale Looking to Emulate Dogecoin
  7. Diferencial (DRL) – Utility-Based Token with Numerous Use Cases
  8. Leshy Inu (LES) – Best Crypto Presale to Invest In with DeFi Connections
  9. NFT Workx (WRKX) – Top NFT-Based Crypto Presale Project
  10. Sleep Care (SLEEP) – First-of-its-Kind ‘Sleep-to-Earn’ Crypto Presale

A Detailed Look at the Best Crypto Presales in 2022

Our list of best crypto presales 2022 features projects from various niches, ranging from DeFi to NFTs. Let’s take a closer look at these projects, focusing on their use cases and value potential over the longer term:

1. Say Network (SAY) – Overall Best Crypto Presale to Invest In

Say Network logo

Our pick for the best crypto presale to invest in is Say Network. Say Network is a Layer-1 blockchain network that aims to provide a foundation for constructing exciting decentralized applications (dApps). uSay is the incumbent social media app hosted on Say Network, designed to offer more control over the content that each user posts.

One of the most appealing features of uSay is that users will be compensated for posting content through distributions of the $SAY token. Although the uSay platform is still in production, this app looks to revolutionize how social media operates – whilst providing a way for users to earn passive income through engaging content.

Say Network presale

The other reason Say Network is our pick for the best crypto presale 2022 is that it will integrate seamlessly with NFTs. The litepaper mentions a feature for users to create NFTs from their social media profiles and posts, providing full ownership over the longer term. Finally, given that Say Network will function as a DAO, all network participants of this top new cryptocurrency will have a say in the direction the platform takes.

2. LunaOne (XLN) – Cryptocurrency Presale Project Within the Metaverse Niche

LunaOne logo

Another exciting presale cryptocurrency to be aware of is LunaOne. LunaOne is a metaverse project that looks to combine business, gaming, and education into one ecosystem. As such, this will allow members of one niche to interact with demographics they wouldn’t usually communicate with – fostering new relationships and providing a platform for innovative creations.

LunaOne users will be able to create their own avatar, which will provide the basis for earning XLN – LunaOne’s native token. Although investors can purchase tokens through the LunaOne crypto presale, users will also be able to acquire them in-game through studying, working, or taking part in cybersport events. There will also be ‘quests’ for users to complete, offering rewards in XLN.

LunaOne presale

Aside from the passive income aspects, LunaOne will also provide an NFT launchpad driven by the community. The metaverse itself will operate as a DAO, meaning the users can decide on policies and other areas of how the world will work. The LunaOne crypto presale is due to end in Q2 2022, with a view to launching the metaverse in Q3 2022.

3. Panda Elon (PELON) – ‘Meme Coin’ Presale with Huge Price Potential

Panda Elon logo

As the name implies, Panda Elon is an upcoming ‘meme coin’ with inherent links to Elon Musk. Most crypto investors will understand Musk’s influence on the crypto market, which was evident during the peak of Dogecoin’s price rise. The Panda Elon creators are attempting to leverage this influence whilst combining it with China’s best-known animal – the panda.

Panda Elon’s creators don’t deny that this meme coin is designed to make money for investors. The $PELON token itself is hosted on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), with a total supply of 1 billion tokens. However, 425,000,000 (42.5%) will be put aside for the presale before being listed on PancakeSwap after that.

Panda Elon presale

Details remain scarce on $PELON’s use cases, although the whitepaper mentions an 8% tax on buy and sell transactions. Half of the collected amount will be used for marketing, whilst the remainder will be used for further development and liquidity pools. So, although utility may pose an issue for Panda Elon, this project could be one of the best presale crypto coins due to its community-building potential.

4. Bonuz (BONUZ) – Exciting Social Media Presale Crypto Platform

Bonuz logo

Bonuz looks set to be the best crypto presale to invest in regarding social engagement and interaction with celebrities. Put simply, Bonuz is a turnkey engagement platform that allows content creators to develop their own tokens, which their fans can purchase. This helps create stronger communities filled with exciting benefits for token holders.

At launch, Bonuz will focus exclusively on celebrities, influencers, and brands. However, as the platform grows, the team will also begin targeting game studios and publishers, enabling them to tokenize their content through the platform. The tokens themselves are BEP-20 compatible and will allow holders to gain exclusive access to ‘channels’ hosted by the connected creator.

Bonuz crypto presale

In terms of benefits for token holders, these range from Q&As to offline meet-and-greet events. Creators may also host giveaways or even provide a one-on-one call with specific fans. Finally, given that the $BONUZ token is deflationary, speculative investors can also gain exposure to the project’s growth whilst benefitting from price appreciation driven by regular token burns.

5. EstateX (ESX) – Best Crypto Presale to Invest In for Fractional Real Estate

EstateX logo

EstateX is a regular presale crypto project that looks to revolutionize how real estate investing works. At its core, EstateX will offer a blockchain-based ecosystem that significantly improves the accessibility of real estate investing to retail investors. Since EstateX offers ‘fractional ownership’, investors can purchase shares in a property for as little as $100.

In turn, this enables investors to generate a passive income stream through $ESX – the ecosystem’s native token. Furthermore, liquidity shouldn’t pose an issue, as EstateX will offer 24/7 property token trading on a dedicated secondary marketplace. Users can even take out instant loans backed by fractional ownership in EstateX properties.

EstateX crypto presale

Given that the European tokenized real estate market is estimated to be worth €1.5 trillion by 2024, EstateX is poised to be one of the best crypto presales in 2022. Since all transactions are handled via smart contracts, the ecosystem will be entirely decentralized, boosting safety and transparency. Finally, investors who aren’t on the EstateX platform can still invest in $ESX tokens, providing a way to gain exposure to the platform’s growth and success.

6. TechDoge (TECHDOGE) – New Crypto Presale Looking to Emulate Dogecoin

TechDoge logo

Much like Panda Elon, which we discussed earlier, TechDoge is the latest attempt at a ‘meme coin’, looking to capitalize on the success of Dogecoin. However, not only does TechDoge aim to leverage the power of DOGE’s community, but it also seeks to provide real-world use cases. According to the roadmap, these include regular airdrops, mini-games, contests, and NFT collections.

One of the key elements going in TechDoge’s favour is that the token was designed by the team behind MiniDOGE – which surged to a $220 million market cap in 2021. None of the development team will own TechDoge tokens, which helps reduce the possibility that this is a ‘pump and dump’ scheme. What’s more, TechDoge has already been KYC verified and audited by Cyberscope, providing credibility to the project.

TechDoge presale

TechDoge will also include a ‘static rewards’ mechanism, whereby a 10% tax will be levied on each transaction. A total of 5% of the collected amount will be given back to TechDoge token holders, whilst the remainder will be used for marketing or burned – reducing the supply. As more tokens are burned, the remaining TechDoge tokens will become scarce, which will help drive the price over the longer term.

7. Diferencial (DRL) – Utility-Based Token with Numerous Use Cases

Diferencial logo

One of the best cryptocurrency presales to keep an eye on in the months ahead is Diferencial. Put simply, Diferencial (DRL) is a utility-based token hosted on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that looks to provide token holders with a route towards regular passive income. This is accomplished through Diferencial’s ‘reflection’ mechanism.

This mechanism works by taxing buy and sell transactions, meaning a 6% distribution is provided to remaining token holders. Notably, the amount each holder receives is in proportion to their investment – so larger investors will receive more passive income.

Diferencial presale

Aside from reflections, Diferencial’s whitepaper notes other use cases, such as NFT buying and selling, secure document transfer, DRL fashion, exercise rewards, and more. The NFT aspect is fascinating, as it will contain a staking and voting mechanism which can lead to further rewards. Finally, Diferencial will also be launching a dedicated mobile app where users can swap, stake, or trade their tokens.

8. Leshy Inu (LES) – Best Crypto Presale to Invest In with DeFi Connections

Leshy Inu logo

Leshy Inu is a presale cryptocurrency project that has already garnered significant attention on social media. At the time of writing, Leshy Inu’s Twitter page has nearly 14,000 followers, whilst the official Telegram group boasts more than 33,000 members. This community backing forms the foundation of Leshy Inu’s appeal, as the name is derived from the famous ‘Shiba Inu’ coin.

However, Leshy Inu isn’t just a meme coin – it also offers use cases within the world of DeFi. These include a custom-built swap exchange, where users can trade tokens and yield farm. This exchange will be based on an Automated Market Maker (AMM) model, which will offer revenue sharing for liquidity providers.

Leshy Inu tokenomics

Leshy Inu also aims to offer lotteries and NFTs within the ecosystem, providing an ‘all-in-one’ platform for trading and investing. There are 10 trillion $LES tokens in existence, although 90% of these will be burned at launch. With only 3.5% of the total supply available for early investors to purchase, this regular presale crypto looks likely to be one of the most sought-after crypto events of the coming months.

9. NFT Workx (WRKX) – Top NFT-Based Crypto Presale Project

NFT Workx logo

Our pick for the best crypto presale 2022 within the NFT niche is NFT Workx. NFT Workx is an upcoming NFT platform that provides services related to Web 3.0, such as consulting, strategy, and marketing. The platform works with artists, athletes, musicians, and more to develop their own collections and build a loyal following.

In a sense, NFT Workx works similarly to a marketing company, as the project will also offer press releases, paid ads, promo videos, digital artwork, and more. One of the project’s main features is its ‘Starter Package’, which includes everything a creator needs to develop an NFT collection and build awareness.

NFT Workx presale

The NFT Workx platform will be powered by $WRKX, which has several compelling use cases. These include discounts on fees and prices, early access to new NFT collections, VIP partner benefits, and voting opportunities for governance. $WRKX users will even be able to stake their tokens on the NFT Workx platform and earn an attractive APY whilst still benefitting from price increases.

10. Sleep Care (SLEEP) – First-of-its-Kind ‘Sleep-to-Earn’ Crypto Presale

Sleep Care logo

Rounding off our list of the best crypto presale projects to invest in is Sleep Care. Sleep Care is a first-of-its-kind ‘sleep-to-earn’ protocol where users can receive passive income based on their sleep quality. This passive income is denominated in $SLEEP, Sleep Care’s native token.

To begin earning a return, users must own at least 500 $SLEEP tokens and complete a minimum of five hours of sleep each night. Since Sleep Care’s overarching goal is to make a noticeable impact on the world’s sleep quality, users who sleep ‘better’ will receive more income. Sleep quality is monitored by the Sleep Care app, which uses GPS technology and body sensors to help measure sleep.

Sleep Care presale

There will also be a monthly leaderboard where the top 10 ‘sleepers’ will receive a bonus prize. Sleep Care will also include built-in social media elements, allowing users to view the sleep habits of other users and form lasting relationships. Finally, with an inherent burn mechanism, $SLEEP will be a deflationary token, helping price appreciate over the longer term.

What are Crypto Presales?

Now that we’ve discussed the best crypto presale to invest in, it begs the question – what exactly are crypto presales? Put simply, presales are limited-time sales of a crypto token designed to raise awareness (and capital) for a project. These presales occur before the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and tend to only be available through the provider’s website.

The main appeal of these presales is that they allow early investors to purchase tokens at a reduced price point. Naturally, this is a risky endeavour, as the project itself will still be in the very early stages of its growth. Nevertheless, risk-seeking investors can generate huge returns if they pick projects that achieve huge valuations.

Crypto presales

One of the most successful crypto presales was by Ethereum back in 2014. In just 12 hours, more than 7 million ETH was raised, which equated to roughly $2.3 million. Given the incredible prices that Ethereum has reached in recent years, it’s fair to say that presale investors hit the jackpot with this one.

How to Find the Best Crypto Presales to Invest In

Due to the regularity of crypto presales, finding high-value projects to invest in can be tricky. Fortunately, there are a few factors to keep in mind which can help narrow down the selection:

Keep Tabs on Crypto News Sites

Crypto news sites are an excellent resource for finding new crypto presales to invest in. These websites constantly monitor the market, providing updates on new projects or developers launching other enterprises. However, due to the abundance of news outlets, it’s best to use those that are objective and do not partner with any crypto projects – as they tend to showcase some bias.

Use Social Media

Social media is another excellent resource and one that led to great success with the Crypto Vault presale. Twitter and Reddit tend to be the best networks for information on presales, as they offer real-time updates with discussions from real traders. Subreddits like r/CryptoCurrency are great for established coins and soon-to-be-released projects with high potential.

Say Network Twitter

Review Whitepaper & Roadmap

Finally, once an exciting project has been found, it’s crucial to review the roadmap and whitepaper presented on the website. These two elements are essential to determining longevity (and price potential), so it can be a red flag if they aren’t present. It’s also wise to research the development team behind the project to ensure they have the relevant credentials to lead the project forward. 

Are Presale Cryptos a Good Investment Opportunity?

Crypto presale projects are inherently risky – there’s no escaping that fact. However, those investors who are happy to take on the risk can receive some tremendous benefits, such as: 

Become Part of Growing Community

Early investors in presale crypto projects can become part of a growing community at the ground level – which can be extremely rewarding. As there will likely be a limited number of investors at first, it’s easier to form connections with like-minded people. Furthermore, making connections can also lead to tips about other high-potential presales in the future. 

Market-Beating Price Potential

Naturally, investing in crypto presales presents a path to generating huge returns. This is because tokens will be priced at a discount, which can help produce triple-digit (or even quadruple-digit) returns if the project begins gaining traction. However, it’s also essential to remain grounded and realize that not all projects will be ‘winners’ – as many will not grow to the level required for notable returns.

LBLOCK price chart

Gain Exposure to New Niches

Finally, investing in crypto presales can also provide exposure to new areas of the market that investors may not have otherwise ventured into. The projects listed earlier hail from various niches, from DeFi to NFTs. Not only does this provide compelling use cases, but it can also help diversify crypto portfolios and optimize the risk/return ratio.

Best Crypto Presales – Conclusion

In conclusion, this guide has discussed the best crypto presale to invest in during 2022, highlighting which coins have the highest potential and the most hype. Although presales are undoubtedly risky, they can provide market-beating returns – ensuring they remain an essential part of the broader crypto ecosystem.

Say Network and LunaOne are two of the most promising projects on our list, offering compelling use cases and stellar development teams. However, any of the ten projects discussed in this guide could be the next to take off, so it’s crucial to conduct prior research and never invest more than you’re comfortable losing. 


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