Amplify your look with the leading gold necklaces of 2022

A stunning gold necklace

A stunning gold necklace

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If there’s one thing for sure, necklaces never go out of fashion. In fact, it is a timeless trend that just tends to get better and more innovative with time. Regardless of the style, design, or length you choose – a gold necklace adds the finishing touch to your outfit and gives it the pizzazz it needs.

Gold necklaces are an exciting piece of jewelry that can magically transform an outfit – and this is particularly helpful for people who have a very minimalistic, plain style when it comes to clothing.

Adding the right layers to your neck can instantly amplify your outfit and turn your outfit into an Instagram-worthy snap. As simple as this may sound, styling gold necklaces can be tricky if you’re not sure where you’re headed. From size to design, the wrong gold necklace can end up dragging your look.

But not to worry, as this guide has all the fashion tips you need for styling gold necklaces like a real fashionista.

Top Picks

Editor’s choice: Tiny Initial Heart Gold Necklace

It’s classy, subtle and sexy! This 14k gold necklace will be your next favorite minimalist go-to.

Engraved with alphabets ranging from A to Z, this necklace promotes a customized touch, making it a great choice for a gift for your special someone. The short necklace is only 13.8 inches long and has a slim chain holding the little chunky heart-shaped initial.

The beautiful design can be worn as your daily wear jewelry or kept for special occasions. To keep it in its original condition try to avoid contact with salt water, perfumes and cosmetics.



Most adjustable: Turandoss Dainty Layered Gold Necklace

If you’re a fan of layers, this dainty gold necklace has you covered.

You no longer have to worry about wearing multiple chains to achieve this look when you can get your hands on this 14k gold plated pendant necklace.

Each chain has a different pendant in varieties of pearls, hammered discs, and bars. You can pick a style and number of layers that suits you best. Besides its outstanding design, the quality is another spectacular feature of this layered gold necklace. Featuring nickel-free and hypoallergenic prime material, it is safe to wear and a total head-turner.



Comes with warranty: Mevecco Layered Heart Gold Necklace

If you love subtle accessories, this Mevecco gold necklace is for you! The two-layered chain includes a short satellite chain and a longer chain with a disc pendant.

Designed in high-quality brass, it is finished in 14k gold plating.

Flaunt your classy style with this dainty necklace that you can wear on dates, parties and even ceremonies. The unique style perfectly goes with different outfits, making it a great choice as a gift.



Hypoallergenic: Yoosteel Initial Gold Necklace

The paperclip chain necklace is one of the best chunky gold necklace styles that you can get your hands on.

If you like to go bold with your style, this necklace will give you all the reasons to go out there.

But the chain isn’t the only interesting feature. The double-layered necklace includes a coin pendant. Engraved with a heart on the reversed side, it features a letter of the alphabet (of your choice!) on the front side.

The 14k gold plated necklace has a unique design that makes it a great choice if you want to charm a loved one. Rock this 14-inch long chain with your favorite outfit.



Most versatile: Aobei Pearl 18K Paperclip Gold Necklace

Not planning to settle on 14k? No problem, because the Aobei paperclip gold necklace has 18k gold plating.

Another cool feature of this box chain choker is its unique design, making it a hit if you wear it alone and even better if you layer it up with other gold chains.

The lightweight and minimalist look gives you full leverage to style it just the way you like it. It is 16 inches long, but it includes several oval links to adjust according to your needs. It also features a start-burst charm at the end of the loop for a cute look.



Gold necklaces: a buying guide

Gold necklaces add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your overall style. However to make the most out of it, it is best to know the right way to work with this classy piece of jewelry.

Whether you’re planning to wear it with button-downs, knitwear or a turtleneck don’t be afraid to put your stunning gold necklace on display. Experiment with different styles, pendants and lengths and find your best look.

The different styles of gold necklaces

Layered chains

Layered gold chains look absolutely stunning if done right. For the best results, you’ll want to try out different shades of gold and lengths to figure out the best combination. While you can do that by mixing and matching separate pieces, you can also find some interesting layered chains readily available.

Elevate even the most casual of your outfits by wearing layered chains or a selection of your favorite gold necklaces. Choose something that has its first layer sitting on your collarbone and the last layer hitting your chest.

There are no rules here, so just be creative and have fun.

Slim and classy chains

If your style is more minimalistic and elegant, choose slim gold necklaces to up your accessorizing game. This is the best way to flaunt some classy jewelry without going overboard. Slim and subtle gold necklaces look great with collared shirts and printed knitwear.

Keep the necklace closer to the collarbone to give it a more stylish look. By adding a timeless, artistic necklace to your outfit you can instantly add a sense of high-class fashion to it.

These delicate necklaces are perfect for casual wear.

Chunky gold necklaces

Chunky gold necklaces have their own charm. It’s the perfect way to give a modern touch to this traditional jewelry. Chunky chains have a bold look to them, which can instantly show off your personality.

Gold necklaces with pendants

You can never go wrong with gold necklaces that come with a pendant. This small addition to your chain can change the overall aesthetics of your look. Regardless of the pendant’s size, this style can go up the ante for different outfits. If you love a bold look a pendant closer to your collarbone with a brand logo or initial could be a great place to start.

Create a well-rounded look using a simple chain with a pendant as your style statement. These look best on top of the shirt. So go ahead and use these pendants to express your unique style.

Tips on styling a gold necklace

Here are some general styling tips to help you rock a gold necklace like never before.

  • Don’t forget to add a gold necklace with jeweled necklines or a top with a turtleneck. These perfectly complement each other!

  • If you’re wearing a low-cut neck in V-shape, opt for 24 to 28 inches long chains to go with your look. It’s even better if these long chains have pendants, and the right pendant can become a statement piece.

  • Don’t wear necklaces that are too tight, unless you’re planning to add one or two more layers. Wearing a tighter necklace on its own can leave your look coming off unfinished, and when it comes to professional environments – like the office – the last thing you want is to come off less than ready for business.

  • If the pattern of your top is too bold or printed, adding layers will only make the overall look busy – which can be very unflattering. To promote balance, consider wearing
    a gold necklace that is minimalist in design.

  • Don’t hesitate to go for a mix and match your gold necklaces. Sometimes, experimenting with your jewelry can be very creative and stylish. If your destination is a concert or large event, you naturally have more freedom to #DoYou – so go ahead and bring out your inner creative and fashionista!

Choosing a gold necklace for your skin tone and face shape

Can you believe that the shape of your face and the color of your skin are factors you must consider before getting suitable jewelry? Well, that’s a fact!

If you have a heart-shaped face, picking a choker-style necklace that stays closer to your neck will draw the attention away from the sharp chin. This style also works well for rectangular and oblong face shapes.

For rounder faces, a long gold necklace works best. It gives out a visually elongated look to give you a more appropriate look. You can work with longer necklaces for square face shapes too.

For longer necks, shorter chains work best to balance that shape out.

As far as skin tone is concerned, gold jewelry is considered more flattering for people with warmer skin tones. In fact, all earthy colors such as brown and apricot complement the skin tone at best.

However this doesn’t mean you cannot rock a gold necklace if you are fairer. At the end of the day, it is all about carrying your unique style and showcasing your personality through it. Wear your favorite gold necklaces with the right outfit and attitude and you’re good to go.

People also asked

Q: What color outfits look best with gold necklaces?

A: While gold necklaces or any gold-colored jewelry for that matter can amplify any look, certain colors complement such jewelry more than the rest. If you’re looking for inspiration, consider checking the Instagram page of your favorite brand or influencers.

What you’re looking for are color palettes that match your own. To help organize what you see, take screen snapshots and save them to a photo album for later reference. If you don’t have social media, try browsing Youtube for styling videos posted by lifestyle bloggers that have a similar style to you.

Q: Should I put off my gold necklace before taking a shower?

A: Depending on the metal of your gold necklace, wearing it in the shower is not such a great idea. Even if water exposure doesn’t affect the metal, it could eventually reduce the shine. Gold-plated jewelry can erase the gold layer if you regularly shower with your jewelry – so you may want to avoid doing this altogether and place everything off to the side.

As goes with the beach, it’s recommended that you avoid wearing your gold necklaces in the ocean. For similar reasons to shower water exposure, the salt count of ocean water can dramatically fade poorer quality necklaces.

Q: How do I choose the best length of gold necklace for myself?

A: This is an important aspect as you may not pull off all chain lengths with every outfit. A 14 – 16 inch chain is short and fitted if you’re trying a choker-style look. A longer chain looks good with buttoned-down shirts and V-necks.

If you’re wearing a deep-slit neckline to give it a sexy look, you can even style your top with a long chain. When choosing the perfect length, it is imperative to keep your outfit and event in mind to style gold necklaces appropriately.

If you’re having trouble critiquing your look, consider asking a trusted friend for their opinion.

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